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Women's Congress - 2021

Thursday through Saturday
September 2  - 4
All day
Lancaster Marriott at Penn Square
25 S Queen St, Lancaster, PA 17603
Hotel Reservation
- Be sure to choose size of room.
- 4 people per room is permitted.
Women's Congress
Words from the First Lady
Rev. Jennie Garcia

The concept of being a woman after God’s heart and living your life in honor of that — this is the essence of “Eshet Chayil”, and as this woman…


  • You were created with power and with ability

  • You were created to be a front-line warrior in the mighty army of God and for His purposes

  • You were created to raise up the next generation of Warriors for the Kingdom of God

  • You were created to pray for the sick with faith and with power

  • You were created, to walk side by side with man, pushing back the darkness, subduing and taking dominion over the earth

You are God’s SECRET WEAPON for such a time as this and we will come together (in person) to prepare to be UNLEASHED to execute God’s purpose here on earth.


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